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Friday, May 05, 2006

The World Interrupts Mine

Yesterday afternoon while on my patio I observed a young male peeking around at me and the immediate environment from another patio several hundred yards away. My sense was giving the furtive glances from this guy he was looking to see if anyone was watching him . . . or the area he was in. He eventually disappeared from view altogether and I went about my business.

Twenty minutes later, the parking lot outside my apartment building resembled a scene out of NYPD Blue. Under cover cops, police canine units and county police converged on several young males in the area and gave chase to a view more across the "valley" area behind my apartment building.

Drug bust.

I get very offended when the world outside interferes with mine. It's insane to feel that way, of course, but there you are. My home is my sanctuary. I don't like people to just drop in unannounced and I don't want to see any nasty situations outside my window. My apartment is comfortable and overlooks a large area of land with pretty trees and lots of green grass. I can look up at night and see a huge piece of sky complete with twinkling stars and always beautiful moon.

Real world, be damned. I do my bit as a citizen and go back inside and allow my thoughts to be encased by the beauty that I do see. My cure for all ills is to look up at the sky and feel there are no troubles in the world at all.

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