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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Gigs Galore

Spent some time in Cecil County, Maryland exploring and visiting some areas I was not familiar with, including some horse farms and places to rent horses for trial rides. The weather has been beautiful except for patches of rain.

The second interview with the law firm did not go as well as the first. The administrator brought in this person called Doug who sat at the long table reading email from his blackberry while the administrator asked me the same questions I was asked during the first interview. I finally had to ask Doug who he was since that not was explained to me at any time before or during this meeting. He's the head of the executive committee. The administrator liked me well enough and loved my resume but I don't think this guy was interested. I almost asked him if I was keeping him from something but decided against it. I don't like for people to waste my time.

However, the next day brought a phone call from human resources at a local college I've been trying to get my foot into for awhile. I was asked to come for an interview next Thursday, January 15th at the college and prepare to give a 15 minute teaching demonstration (essentially a lecture) on New Historicism as it applies to the story and comprehension of this short story I was provided in the mail. So that I am preparing for now.

My cousin, Ian, is coming to Ma's house to sack out in between attending a conference in Baltimore so we are looking forward to this visit. Ian is studying Computer and Library Science in Rhode Island. In his early twenties and a lot of fun this guy. He will be here for my birthday on June 13th. It's great this year because I will get several dinners out of my birthday.

Sunday, June 11th my brother wants to celebrate my birthday as he has to work on Tuesday evening so that's one celebration. On June 13th I will spend the day at the beach, Cape Henlopen and then head for Sambo's Crab House in Liepsic which has the best crabs around. Other friends have plans for later in the week and next week to celebrate with me so it all begins with a bang.

I enjoy my birthdays. Hopefully, the interview at the college will turn into a job offer. As I understand it, if that happens, I would be teaching a variety of subjects - English literature, poetry, creative writing and perhaps drama.

So here's to hoping!

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Alondra said...

Happy birthday Nancy and good luck with the job. I hope you get it. I think you meant June 15 not January.