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Monday, June 19, 2006

Hotter Than Hot

It was freaking hot on Sunday. It bordered on oppressive. I do not react well to extreme temperatures. It was very difficult to get motivated to do anything.

Especially filling out applications.

These applications are for more teaching positions so that's a good thing but I detest filling these things out. You have to fill out the resume portion on the application even if you already have a resume. Drives me nuts (okay, short drive) but nonetheless I do it because I want the job. The difficulty of it all is that for teaching positions on the college level the general preference is that you have a Masters degrees in the related subject. The college also wants you to have previous experience teaching at college level. I don't have either.

The reality is that college pay is lousy and most people who have spent time and money invested in obtaining a Masters degree aren't attracted to teaching because of that.

So we will just have to see.

John is thinking of redoing his home page and asked for advice re same. I gave it to him, telling him he had too many graphics to scroll through and download on the first page. I try to assume that most people still have dial up whenever I design a webpage. He's frustrated with it all and wants to throw the computer out of the window but that has more to do with being 82 and not understanding how the computer works yet. The project itself is good for him so I hope he stays with it.

Off I go to fill out yet more applications. Oh boy!

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Nightwolf said...

I do hope that Mr. Frid sticks with his project, Nancy. I really enjoy visiting his site. When time permits me of course. I had to laugh reading that he wanted to throw the computer out the window. I know tht feeling all to well. Now it seems that problem has been dealt with. As dialup that youo had mentioned, I use that. At times it can be frustrating. I manage however since right now it is a good ISP.