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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It figures . . .

I have worked only two days at this freelance assignment and the organization has inquired as to whether or not I want to work there permanently. Naturally as the work is boring and I have learned that some of the higher ups with whom I have to work like to yell at their "underlings."

There are two reasons I will cut someone dead: (a) if he/she atttempts to assault me or (b) yells at me in front of other people.

I tend to overact to the above because it makes me so very angry. To yell at a person in front of other people is one of the most demeaning, rudest things you can do. I don't react well to it. Though I don't exploded back now, I will pick up my toys and go home without another word. So I don't see a bright future ahead for me at this place.

It figures the place where the work is boring and people are rude is the place that wants to hire me for a permanent position.


Jennie said...

Nancy, take it from someone who has a boss who berates her in front of other office personnel, clients and even his wife, DON'T get involved with working for someone like this. I would swear that if I don't have an ulcer the size of Texas, then it's a miracle. The only reason I haven't quit (and I've come extremely close on several occaisons)is because I can't afford to be unemployed. I need a new job before I quit this one. I wish you all the best with your writing, and I hope that you'll be able to find permanant work with someone who respects you and your talents.

Anonymous said...

When the manager in the dept where I'd been employed for over 10 year loudly reamed me in front of staff and patients (last words of discussion of why I had to stop whatever I may be doing and answer all phone calls in 2 rings, not the 4 I did ) .... "If you don't want to do what you're told, you can pack up your shit and get out."... Shift ended in 5 min, so I left and headed straight for a competitor, who hired me within a few days, for more money, and better conditions. My former District Manager came to me asking for an exit interview and, since he asked, I was able to detail the reasons and history of the individual towards me over the last year (manners forbid me from calling him a pussy on your blog, so I won't). I left in style, with 2 weeks notice and a note on my keys saying: "packed up my stuff, getting out. Regards."
That puss... MANAGER lost yet another pissing contest, and got nothing but wet.
Life is good...

The best revenge.......

Bruce said...

Nance! Give it a shot. Look for something else at the same time. And if you don't like it, if they scream at you in front of others, just don't say a word and leave those &*%kers!
Just my Canadian 2 cents!

RebJam said...

What a cute comment that i read elsewhere--such a sweetie!


I have no plans to read it. Saving my money for the book on Grayson that
Rebecca Whats-her-name wrote.