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Friday, August 04, 2006

Hide Those Breasts!

This story falls under the category of "Too ridiculous to be true yet it is."

After reading the story, you might ask "What is the hub-bub, bub?

Damned if I know. In a country where prostitution is illegal and people get upset at the sight of a naked breast it is no wonder we still have many of the social problems we do, particularly the issues of teaching sex and safe sex practices to teenagers.

I really do not understand what is the least bit offensive about the above photo? It is hilarious that one woman complained that she was offended by the photo and when leaving the magazine on the table, it might her husband "uncomfortable."


Why? What is offensive about a mother breastfeeding her baby. The baby does not appear to hanging on for dear life on the nipple as was implied by one person who complained about the cover. It's a very natural photograph. The idea that it would upset people is a reason for concern by itself.

A lot of dumb things upset people and our society reflects that in its attention towards eradicating prostitution. It upsets people someone wants to pay for sex and someone else is willing to perform sexual activities in return for money. If you are a regular view of the TV show COPS you already know that many episodes are devoted to watching the police trick and catch prostitutes and their customers. I do not understand why it is a crime for a man (or woman) to pay for sex if they want it to do it. There are instances in relationships where one sexual partner does not want to perform certain sexual functions the other desires. If that sexual activity is a real fantasy and important to the individual, it is his/her right to go out and pay someone to "play" with. No emotional attachments - slam, bam, thank you ma'am at its best. Regulate the industry if necessary but allow prostitution to exist as a business, for heaven's sake.

To do otherwise is just stupid. Our society can turn stupidity into a poor art form without much effort.

It even comes down to what we naturally do with children. Oh sure, someone will come along, read this and say "Throwing up is natural too but I don't want to see it." Well, not many have had discussions about the merit of throwing up or not. It happens no matter what. Breast feeding is controversial because there are concerns about health factors and emotional issues. Vomit is pretty much still vomit no matter what you do with it. So there.

To those to whom the sight of a woman breastfeeding upsets --

lean closer to the monitor so I can bitch slap some sense into you. If you want to be offended, I'll offend you plenty.


Bruce said...

Seriously, this is quite typical of the US. You won't find that kind intolerance in Canada (certainly not in Quebec) nor in just about all of Europe. Religion, Bible thumpers and the spirit of the pilgrims prevail!

Gareth said...

that is such a sweet picture.

The Janet Jackson nipplegate scandal still results in mirth over in the UK at the thought of the prudity of Americans.
God knows how they would have coped with last years Big Brother when Kinga (one ofd the contestants) was seen plesuring her self with a wine bottle.

Bruce said...

Gareth! Do you have a link?! Was it Bordeaux?

Heather said...

[putting on my art student cap]
Honestly - That's an excellent photograph...captures a tender moment in time between mother and child. It's crisp, clear, and as they say...a picture speaks a thousand words.

The only thing I'd be tempted to change would be to photoshop a small tattoo/sticker on said breast that states: "%100 natural, no artificial preservatives or ingredients added."

I'm evil, I know... :D

RebJam said...

Well to be sexist. . history has turned the breast into something aside form its original purpose and thus perverted women into thinking our breasts as "dirty pillows" (where'd that quote come from?) I used to be uncomfortable about it too until I started using the BRAIN for historical and social critiques. . .okay so mine go to waste, they're never gonna feed anyone and they were built to feed a whole tribe. . ."The designer" or God or whatever really should look at who wants/has kids and then they should grow, eh? But that's a whole 'nother tangent.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the pic is of a boy, give the lil' guy some credit; at least he's making eye contact.


JudyAndBea said...

Nancy I have to get this off my chest. This is one of my favorite blogs. I appreciate you keeping me abreast of the latest developments in the areola of bigtory and intolerance.