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Saturday, October 28, 2006


We are having what meteorologists are calling a "wind storm." It started late yesterday afternoon, along with heavy rain and gusting winds up to 60 mph.

The timing was particularly inconvenient for me.

Yesterday, my housemate and best friend Kay had toe surgery. The surgery itself took 40 minutes and she enjoyed being in la-la land with the meds she was given to knock her out for the procedure (she was given the option to watch the surgery if she wished. She didn't wish.) When someone has toe surgery and it's raining like a bitch outside, it's a real pain in the ass (or pain in the toe) to get that someone in and out of the car and buildings without getting the newly operated on and wrapped foot wet.

All that was accomplished, a good night's sleep was also accomplished for Kay and Nurse Nancy dutifully made sure the pain killers came at the prescribed time.

However, we had made plans to go to our favorite crab house, Sambo's, today as this is the last day they are open for the crab season. Sambo's serves crabs caught from the Delaware River and tributaries. With the wind and associated tidal disturbances, I'm not holding out much hope there will be crabs delivered to Sambo's this morning. It has been really cold too and when that happens, the little ugly crabs bury themselves in the sand at the bottom of the river thus becoming impossible to catch since they ain't swimming.

The conclusion to this sad tale is that come 10:00 this morning we are going to call and see if they are able to serve crabs and, if so, in spite of the wind and rain, we will get into the car and head down to the canal for the last crab meal of the season at Sambo's. They only serve local crabs hence their seasonal status.

Little things can mean a lot! Yum!!

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