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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why are we even debating this?

No matter how hard I try to understand, I don't.

I do not understand why there is a debate over whether or not gay couples have the right to marry.

Of course they should. Why the hell not?

In this country which supposedly allows for all to pursue happiness (as long as it does not harm or prevent others from doing the same) homosexuals have not been allowed to enjoy the same rights as heterosexuals when it comes to being in a committed relationship. Traditionally, companies that provide benefits recognize a committed relationship as being a marriage. You can get married in a civil or religious service - either way, it is recognized as a commitment.

It's far less simple for gay couples. It's far less simple because they do not have any avenue in which to pursue a legalized commitment, the same kind of commitment straights have.

Why that is, I still do not understand.

How the hell would the fact that gay couples can marry harm me, my children, my family, my cats, my gerbils . . . you get the idea. How? As a straight person, I cannot fathom how this would adversely affect my ability to pursue happiness and enjoy freedom.

If you belong to a religious institution that preludes the marrying of gay couples, then much work has to be done inside to, first of all, point out where in the Bible there is any mention of Jesus condemning homosexual. Let me know when you don't find it. These organizations need to battle it out. However, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever a civil service cannot be created and performed for gay couples and the legal recognition of that union, in turn, provide that couple with the same benefits we straights enjoy in marriage.

Why not a civil service?

Afterall, we are a country who separates church and state, aren't we? Religious zealots are not allowed to impose their views into our laws, are they?

Right? That couldn't possibly happen, right?


Mike said...

You are correct.

But, as to how we change things... I just don't know.

Bruce said...

It's hard to believe how polarized the US is on so many issues right now, and this is one. If human rights do exist, then people of the same sex should be able to be recognized legally as a couple. And fuck religion. If it's a civil union, believers of all faiths have no business there. Religious leaders don't want gay religious marriages? FINE! So get on with civil unions. But hey... tell that to bible thumpings fanatics, red states, hard-right Limbaugh-like republican propaganders, and you'll have strong resistance. But there is such a movement referred to as 'evolution', and the US can't escape it.