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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mumsy Scores With Folks

I wrote a few days ago about my mother's job loss and what appeared to be the end of the only real hobby she has: travelling. It would also mark the end of doing something she loves. Five days a week this 74 year old, arthritic woman who takes meds that make her tired, puts in an eight hour day.

That has not gone unappreciated or unnoticed. Mom has since found out that a couple of the big whigs are pitching for her to find a job at one of the companies to whom her work is being outsourced. This company has hired other laid off employees of Mom's current company. Phone calls have been made, informal meetings held and Mom has been told for the time being to sit back and wait for results. I am very happy for her.

It's been a day of scoring information for me as well. I purchased a book written by poet and lecturer Amy Holman on MFA Creative Writing programs throughout the world and found several that would suit my needs. I'm quite excited about this. Part of me still wants to get that MFA in Theater but the reality is I would need a rich husband or generous boyfriend or a way to take that MFA without having to work. That MFA requires either being in rehearsal for a play or being in a play constantly. Days and evenings. Weekends. All plays all the time.

So we'll just have to see where all of this leaves us.

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