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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Can your pneumonia walk?

Mine can. It has all over my body. "Walking" pneumonia its called. It can level your ass very quickly.

I am a recent victim and have spent most of the past week sleeping in my effort to dislodge the relentless grip this thing has had on me. My lungs are inflamed. It hurts to cough which is rather often. It hurts to sit up for too long. It hurts to be.

Many of the worst symptoms have started to take flight to go torture someone else but I still feel like an overused punching bag. Back to bed I go after drinking a nice cold glass of orange juice (not from concentrate).

That's why the blog has been lacking for awhile.

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Kathy R. said...

Hi Nancy -

So sorry to hear you're so ill! Kay emailed us. Pneumonia is just awful. I read your description of your symptoms and that flashed me right back to a bad bout of it I had many years ago. It knocked me out for ages. Get lots and lots of rest and don't overdo it.

Hope your freckles don't desert you completely...! (Do they sell freckle-stay-on glue at the store?)

Kathy R.