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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The New Year Kicks Off With Big Changes

Kay and I learned yesterday that our lease will not be renewed. This is apparently the case with several others in this building which leads me to conclude the management is going to start renovating it for bigger bucks as they have started to do elsewhere in the complex.

Good luck. In addition to rather a serene view of grassy knolls, trees and a creek out my apartment window, there are additional views of gangbangers doing business. I hear more sounds of gunshots at night, mostly guys showing off the fact they have a gun but nonetheless, it is a disconcerting sound to hear when you are not on a shooting range.

By the end of March we will be living elsewhere which is fine. There are plenty of options and I don't mind paying more money to avoid some of the riff-raff I've encountered here. It's a startling contrast to see plush green and then the gangbangers walking along doing their trade.

Today I have an interview for a teaching position at a local college for Saturdays only. Getting this position would be a major coup for me as it will break some barriers I've faced having never formally taught at college before and being responsible for grading. I also will working on some additional projects between now the the early summer that will do much to make up for great financial losses over the past few years encountered by failed prospects. I've had a really bad run at luck the past few years and now that seems to be changing over.

Thank goodness.

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Grinning said...

Oh, just gangbangers. I thought
maybe the june bugs had finally
totally taken over!