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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Complimentary Suicidal Thoughts Ringtone. Get it now.

I find very little humor in suicide usually. The final act of giving up, feeling trapped and hopeless is not a place anyone wants to be. I cannot stop thinking about Curt and being very sad he felt there was no other way to be happy at that point in his life. When your mentor kills himself, it leaves a raw feeling.

I opened up the internet to CNN this morning and discovered an article about antidepressants and the link to suicidal thoughts. I was particularly dismayed to find that a medication I take is one of the suspects. While reviewing the article, I glanced to the extreme left and saw the Advertising Links. I then noticed that the technology in advertising allows a search term or term or subject being viewed to merge itself into a link, whether or not it makes any sense.

To fully understand what I mean. Take a look below at what I cut and paste from the CNN website.

Dietary Supplements
Discount Vitamins
Heart Health
Suicidal Thoughts Ringtone
Complimentary Suicidal Thoughts Ringtone. Get It Now.

suicidal thoughts notorious big ringtone
Get suicidal thoughts notorious big ringtone in seconds - no credit card...

Choosing an antidepressant


You can purchase suicidal thoughts ringtones in seconds! Seconds! And you don't need a credit card. Is this a gift? Obviously if you purchase suicidal thoughts ringtones you are into the idea. If you kill yourself, then you don't have to pay anything.

Maybe that's why you don't need a credit card.

They don't expect you to stick around long enough to pay.

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