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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Springing Springing Forever Springing

I'm feeling a lot like Tigger these days.

So much to do. I want to get the townhouse into shape but I can't afford to do anything with it right now, or for a long time. I believe by the end of May I will have a full-time position at the place I work at now. That's good because I love the job. My teaching job ends this Saturday. The college is interested in having me back or teach at another campus but that will not be until the fall at least. I'm going to look for a part-time gig in the evening for a bit. I have lots to catch up on financially and only then can I get a couple of tech toys I want. Oh boy!

I've managed to hold on to some optimism in spite of the rough times. The streak of horrendous luck is one for the books but it wasn't all bad. I catch a few breaks here and there. Things could have been much worse but for family and friends. Much, much worse.

Everyone is talking about vacations for the summer. Right now I will be happy with being able to sit out on my screen in porch with a cool drink in my hand and not have to worry about anything.

A downer post of sorts, yes. Still thinking about the sadness of suicide.

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