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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bouncing Off the Walls

It's been over a week now since I interviewed for the drama teacher position at the arts-oriented high school. I sent a thank you to the Dean. I have not received a letter in the mail from the school with the "thanks but no thanks" language that happens at the higher schools of education because of my lack of a Masters degree. I restated my interest in the job in my thank you note and provided my email address too. Still, nothing. I am actually afraid to email the Dean and ask whether or not I'm on board or not. It's silly, I know but the suspense would kill me at this point. I would rather just glide along rather than wait for an answer to a pointed question. I don't know why I am dealing with the wait in this manner.

Still, I can't imagine being turned down for this job. How many drama teachers come in there who have actually worked on Broadway productions? I ask myself that as a sort of comfort but then even in my own reality that only sounds impressive; it's really not. A production is a production. Broadway is more about money and unions; off-broadway and off-off Broadway has the same nonsense go on as Broadway productions. The stakes are not nearly as high. I remember standing on a Broadway stage twice in my life to an empty theater and saying to myself how I did not feel any different standing there than any other stage I've been on.

The cynical part of me whispers into my ear that the job is too perfect for me which is why I won't get it. At any rate, should that happen, I will be crest-fallen but I still have a job that I enjoy.

Week two of the week begins tomorrow.

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