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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Arrogance Shot Down

I did not get the drama teacher position that I interviewed for two weeks ago. My arrogance in thinking "they are nuts not to hire me - how many around here with my background are there?" was disproven. The irony is that I often remind people who act as if Delaware is on the moon someplace that some of the theater's very best talent has come from this small state and given the size of Delaware, it's chock full of arts-related communities and organizations. It amazed me when I moved back here just how active in the arts the state was. While I promote Delaware as being "all that" in the back of my mind I still don't give it or the citizens of the state the credit due.

Yes, Nancy, there are people with impressive theaterical backgrounds similar to yours. There are people with more teaching experience on a high school level than yours. And that's what it all came down to as well: the existing experience teaching high school drama and directing high school musicals, the latter not my strongest point. I could do it, yes, but this school wanted a track record for directing high school musicals and designing four year programs for students.

I don't blame them. My rejection for the job doesn't mean I will never teach at that school; I just won't for the time being.

I have an interview at another high school tomorrow. If I choose this job and they choose me, I will be able to earn that coveted certification that will open up other well-paying teaching opportunities for me in the evenings in addition to the college-level adjunct positions.

Things seem to be coming together for the first time in many years. The past few years have been absolutely hellish professionally and that impacts my personal life, of course. Little money and periods of unemployment was quite demoralizing. But just with the move to this townhouse and setting things up has seemingly triggered other events; the sense of becoming grounded once again lifts my mood considerably. I'm writing consistently again for the first time in ages and more organized in my approach to things.

It's never too late to turn things around. Maybe that is what's happening now.

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Annie said...

hi Nancy,

(I haven't posted in so long that I had to send a test post just to be sure that my posts still can go through)

anyway, I am sorry to hear that you didn't get the job, but you have a great attitude about it!

that positive attitude will get you where you want to be, in time.

I'm going through some ch-ch-ch changes (hey david bowie!) myself these days. Not sure where I will end up, but I know I'm on the way.

Seeing your positive attitude as it relates to your own journey makes me feel better about my own transitions. As well, I see friends going through something right, is this some kind of middle age adolescence or something?
(not that we are middle aged, except, yeah, we so ARE)

: )