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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Returning from an unexpected hiatus

It's been quite awhile since I posted here. The reason is being preoccupied with treatment I've been getting in regards to my being diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer) last December. I didn't tell anyone at all for several months and now I can't remember whose been told and who hasn't so this post will be news to some friends and family alike, I'm sure. I dislike being asked questions I don't know the answer to hence my decision to keep the diagnosis to myself while I pursued treatment options and plans available for the uninsured.

The growth I detected and investigated by doctors proved to have not invaded any body organs. Still, the growth was enough to make me feel weak and sick to my stomach many days. I am not used to not having any energy. I usually have too much.

The treatment was not aggressive as the situation did not warrant it; a treatment called immunuelogy was used. That also made me sick and feel lifeless.

While I was a child, I had a few very severe sunburns. I've been more careful since my 20s when I am out in the sun. I wear a hat and light clothing on the beach and sometimes even in the ocean when I'm swimming at the beach. It looks mighty silly and hot but that's how I must take care of myself to avoid any more bouts with skin cancer.

Cancer sucks big time. I don't want anymore.

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