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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Tale of Gizmo's Ears

I have a very querlous cat named Gizmo. She fascinates me. Sometimes she seems to endure things that are against her nature to tolerate, but she does anyway because it's me doing it.

I have loved from afar scottish fold cats and American curls whose ears curl such as this:

Love those ears. Well, Gizmo, for all her calico wonderfulness, does not have the curling ears. I wondered if I could manufacture these lovely curl ears on her. Gizmo normally looks like this below:

This is Gizmo in one of her favorite pasttimes - chewing on my toes. Sometimes I do wonder how she has managed to live as long as she has, going on four years now.

So I decided to try curling Gizzy's ears the way I would like them.

Doesn't she looked pleased? I sure was.

But only crazy glue could make them stay in place.

Gizzy would not go for that. What an uncooperative cat I have.

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Anonymous said...

ROFL, this entry belongs in the next carnival of the cats!