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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Senator Happy Feet

I'm sure most readers have heard or read something about Senator Craig's arrest for allegedly soliciting another man in a public bathroom, and that man turned out to be an undercover policeman.

Do our police have nothing better to do than wait for horny gay men in public bathrooms?

Why is it illegal for a gay man, closeted or otherwise, to make a pass at another man but quite legal for a hetrosexual person to make a pass at another person they presume to be straight? I can personally attest that plenty of straight women receive "passes" they have no interest in acting on. And even after the initial rejection, the guy can come on quite strong. That's not illegal unless, of course, he becomes physical.

I don't see what Senator Craig supposedly did as being wrong. My complaint is that this homophobic conversative has gotten caught practicing the very thing he publicly reviles. Having sex in a bathroom is not my idea of a good time, it's not a fantasy, but for others it is a fantasy to receive that kind of solicitation and for closeted gays it can be one of the few ways to hook up.

I don't see prostitution as a problem other than what law enforcement chooses to make of it. The industry could be regulated for safety of both the johns and the prostitutes. Why is it against the law for someone to pay another for sex? Does that make any sense? We pay for many services that involve our body including for pleasure. There are those who prefer paying for sex without having any obligation or further involvement. They just want sex. Why can't they be free to buy it and specify what they want as they are paying for it?

Our view of sex and sexual orientation in this country leaves much to be desired. Our technological advances move forward at an alarming rate, the human factor removed more and more, and it's no small wonder since we cannot deal with the human factor in a productive way. The human body and personality is vastly complex.

But here we are still witnessing a strong, intelligent, assertive woman having her sexuality called into question. I am speaking of Hillary Clinton. Some of the news reports state there are supposedly people wondering about her sexual orientation. Her TRUE sexual orientation. The question isn't about the desire to have a deeper understanding of what makes Hillary tick as much as implying she has something to hide or has been less than honest about her life and views. There is nothing wrong with being a lesbian, of course, unless the supposed revealation is designed to bring the subject of the claim down and attack her credibility. That's what this is all about in regards to Hillary. Whether or not she is living as a sexually fulfilled woman in a life she wants isn't the concern. Hell, no.

This is the Hillary version of playing Happy Feet in the john.

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