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Friday, December 28, 2007

Starry Starry Nights

I've had a series of epiphanies the past few weeks, all pointing to something very positive.

Frequent readers of this blog know that I've spent the past twenty-five years primarily on developing new works, working on productions created by other people and doing quite a bit of ghostwriting. What got me the positions initially was the work I did produce in the early and mid-1980s for various publications and organizations in the Philadelphia tri-state area. By the age of twenty-five I was a veteran of the classroom, teaching students old enough to be my parents in some cases.

I still enjoy assisting other writers when asked to review their work but my driving ambition and focus now is on my work. My life in my thirties and forties was so consumed with doing that little reflecting was done and even less integrating my experiences and feelings in a way that I could write about them. If someone asks me why I was not producing my own work during that time of my life, the answer is that I wasn't ready. Besides, what difference does it make when you produce your work? You do it when you are ready, when you have something to say.

A few months ago, my chief enemy was my highly fertile brain which was spewing out ideas and concepts faster than I could keep up with them. I consulted a few people specializing in ADHD organizational tools especially for creative people and came up with strategies to capture the thoughts and ideas as they came to me and do so in such a way that when coming back to it later, I would remember the idea from the inside out. For the first time in a very long time, I am organizing my life around writing and creativity. I decided to not teach evenings again until the fall. I will work on my craft and continue to enjoy my day work in intellectual property. When I come home from this job, I am ready to write. The work keeps my mind active and creative as I need to think outside the box a great deal.

I hope the new year will be a turn for the better. Since 2001 things have not been very good in Kerseyville.

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