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Friday, May 02, 2008

Here Comes the Sun . .

Ever so slowly . . . I am woefully behind in responding to personal email. My sleep schedule went out of whack this week totally due to my excitement over happy prospects. I'm an optimist. It's easy to be cynical. I'm in a total bind now as the prospects dangle in the horizon so I feel like the character from Dr. Doolittle Push Me Pull You. All of this was happily compounded by the arrival of my new cell phone. Yeppers. I am so excited. My Verizon contract was up but the offerings were not to my liking. Too damn expensive. The "free" phones were awful.

A little online comparison shopping yielded something much better. I signed up with AT&T and got myself a lovely Blackberry Curve (red) for FREE. FREE! For the past two evenings I've been playing nonstop with my new toy. I've long admired the icons the iPhones have and found someone who replicated the icons for download onto Blackerry phones. And that's what I did. This phone was an amazing deal. I still can't believe it was free with the two year plan. A PDA and phone all in one.

Tech toys brings the sun out.:) It's the simple pleasures that can keep you sane.


John Schaefer said...

God Bless you Nancy. Each day holds its own challenges. I have recognized as I come out of this hole (albeit more Mad Hatter than the rabbit...and sometimes Alice as I wish I could drink the shrinking formula). I have learned so much. Thank you for sharing and helping me to share. Love and friendship without judgement but with understanding and acknolwedgement of who you are and what you bring to our lives.

Krista Kniker said...

Dear Nancy:
I enjoyed your Lara Parker clip on YouTube. I didn't get to that DS Fest and was wondering if you have a copy CD/tape of the entire Fest that I could get from you? I'm happy to $$ for it.

Are you going to the DS Fest this year?

Hope to hear from you.


Krista Kniker