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Monday, March 09, 2009

Scary Stuff

My Aunt Olive took another bad fall and is temporarily in a nursing home. Mom and I went to see her yesterday. Olive looked the worst I had ever seen her, almost shrinking it seemed. She was on oxygen and as lucid as she normally is. But she looked horrible. She will refuse to stay in the nursing once it is time to make a decision whether or not to send her home after all these tests; should the decision be she is better off in the nursing home, she won't stay.

But she can't walk or travel very far. Mom keeps wanting to take her down to the shore or visit Aunt Isabelle in Georgetown but the 90 minute drive is too much for Olive. I have taken her on rides in recent times and 45 minutes is about all she can endure sitting in a car. She becomes so stiff it's hard to get her out of the car, let alone walk anywhere.

I worry.


Cheryl Podolsky said...

Are your Aunts Olive and Isabelle your mom's sisters?

Hard to watch all that happening; you look back at photos and see them as they probably thought they'd be forever...just as we do and did.

Nancy Kersey said...


Olive is Mom's older sister. Isabelle is Mom and Olive's aunt. She's just a decade older than they are.