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Friday, March 06, 2009

There really is more to life . . .

I was very surprised that my posting on various sides of the Second Amendment issue netted so many personal emails rather than comments to the blog. While I appreciate the feedback, I am somewhat disturbed at the amount of time many of those email authors seem to devote to guns in general. It goes beyond caring about defending the Second Amendment; it's a mindset that is, frankly, a little scary.

I care about the Constitution, all of it, not just one or two Amendments. I care about the choices I make to protect myself in my home. I am active in defending the Constitution where I feel it is being threatened. But too many of the emails I received yesterday were from people whose entire lives seem wrapped up in the whole gun thing. I have a problem with people whose entire lives are wrapped up in ANY one thing. I feel strongly about many issues affecting our society today but in order for me to be able to have perspective and understand the world around me, I think about many things affecting my immediate world and the society in which we live.

Maybe it's the teacher in me that wants to scream to such individuals: do something else besides ONE THING!! Think about other things. Do something different. There is a big world out there. Geez. It's really hard for me to understand the obsessive mindset whereby one thing is all one thinks and talks about.

I don't want any more emails from gun nuts. I believe in the right to bear arms but if you want your gun to be a second dick for yourself, that's up to you. For heavens sake, are you so limited that there is nothing else in life worth doing or talking about? If nothing else in life is interesting to follow and this is all you can talk about, I feel sorry for your obsessiveness. I never heard of these folks I got email from yesterday but they were vehment as if the presentation of various sides of a controversial issue was going to erode their collective stand somehow.

No, it's called looking at different sides of an issue; doing so will not cause you to combust. Some of you who sent me email yesterday really need to get a grip. Get out more. There's a big, wonderful world out there. Honest.

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