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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

American Abstract

My one-act play currently titled "American Abstract" has really taken shape after two drafts.

The way I write a play is for the idea and general dialogue to percolate in my brain.  That can go on for a year. Then when the whole story is bursting to be told, I start writing.  I got stuck in a spot, which seems ludicrous for one-act "short" play but the format isn't as easy as one would think.

I am anxious to see the play on its feet before I do any major revisions.  I have one possibility for a staged reading at the end of the summer which would help me immensely.  When I write, I do try to stage the play in my head as what is on the page can translate very differently with an actor saying the lines and moving around, interacting with other characters.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy: I am not sure where you are...thought I saw Philly somewhere..but I really rush through reading these sites sometimes with all the trappings of Facebook, etc. If you ever need actors/people to read, help out...for free....I know some in the area. Of course, you probably do as well. Anyway...there is a number of nice ones I know. A few are doing the Fringe Festival in Philly, in fact. Good Luck to great you're doing your stuff. I have short stories I need to get back to.