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Monday, June 11, 2012

I am curious to know how many writers "write" most of their manuscript in their head then sit down and start typing like a demon.  That's true of me.  An idea will gestate for as long as a few years before coming into a literal form.

Much of this week another idea was brewing in my brain whilst I endeavored to spew out an earlier masterpiece.  No shortage of ideas, just free time.

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Linda Dachtyl said...

I look forward to news on your play, Nancy.

I can't speak to writing plays, but I have sketches of all kinds concerning music from as long as maybe 20 years back on staff paper, on pieces of paper in alphabet letters (LOL), sequencer files, 4 track tape recordings, etc... I rarely get the whole thing in one sitting and I just have to write tidbits down as I get them otherwise my mind would be so "noisy", for lack of a better term.

Sometimes I do get the whole thing, however if I get stuck, I work with compositional tricks to come up with a bridge, and move forward etc..

Sometimes the little old bits from years back get incorporated with something new, sometimes not, but I have to document everything as I soon as I can, as I can forget it pretty quickly if not.

I really would like to find a good lyricist as words can be inspiring especially during a dry spell or times of writer's block. Most of my things start as instrumentals, and a lot of them stay that way without lyrical collaboration. It's just the way I am, I guess.

I am amazed with people who can carry this kind of stuff around in their head and then just write, write, write. I have always have to put "pen to paper" in some way when there's a spark or it just goes out into the ether.

You sound more like a "Mozart" and I'm more of a "Beethoven" concerning how to get these things documented.