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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I am finally down to the tweaking and fine-tuning of the one-act I decided to call ABSTRACT for now.  Life has been in such chaos since 2006 that I still have yet to establish myself again as an active writer.  Now it is starting to come together again, albeit slowly.  I could kick myself for so many lost opportunities due to the lack of organization and drive but there isn't any point in entertaining regret.  I can't change anything.

Getting back into the scene and familiarizing myself with the online writing opportunities and all the contests, conferences and venues for writers now, including playwrights - this takes considerable time and research.  For awhile, I stopped working on my play to do research on all that is involved in sending out a play.  That tact, while not deliberate, didn't many any sense as I need the completed script to send out!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, It is great that your play is almost finished and that you are already thinking about other writing projects. We'll stay out of your way and let you work.

I read your post about the carwash/Disneyworld rides with John Frid. I am sorry that he wasn't able to remember them with you. Thank you for yet another humanizing memory to counter the legend/matinee idol/showman aspect of John Frid's life.

It is,after all this time, easier to imagine him as himself.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Nancy, lets us to know more about ABSTRACT! I enjoy watching your blog.
And I also like to see who visits your blog. There're people from well-known and also remote countries around the world!
And someone else follows you from my country. I live in Buenos Aires but someone is visiting you from Distrito Federal - it's from the City Center.
Nice to know it!


Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy: I have absolutely no clue if my last comment went through. Had to go through Yahoo (create a new account) just to do it. I only had Facebook and Hotmail - I don't have Google acct. Anyway, I have been meaning to return to your blog to see how your script was going, as I am interested in the theater arts. Didn't expect to see another excerpt regarding J.F., but I enjoyed it. Best wishes ..)we'll see if this gets through, (Laurel Musto)