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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Old Fogeydom

I have reached the unwanted goal of Old Fogeydom. The proof stared out at me for most of the afternoon when I went shopping for clothes and a pair of shoes.

I usually can accept any type of pants; not that I would wear all that I have seen but all the designs and accessories on a pair of pants don't faze me.

The tops are another story. The shirts that I saw today weren't just ugly - they were butt ugly. Beyond ugly. Insanely ugly. Buttons and bows in odd places, seams that were far from seamless and the color combinations look like the work of a blind person. I saw a few women trying on various outfits and standing in front of the full length mirror to see how they looked.

Personally, I thought they looked as if they got dressed with the lights out. And selected the clothes the same way.

However, I said nothing. I didn't even do anything with my eyes to indicate how hideous I thought the whole outfit was.

Much fun is made of preppie clothes, but I am beginning to embrace the look more and more.


Criseyde said...

I long for the end of the low-waisted pants fad. I cannot wear them at all. The look now seems to be to wear your shirt too high and your pants too low. It was ok when they kept that crap over in the juniors department, but now it's crossed over into the career wear in misses departments. I seriously need to take up sewing.

Cassie said...

LOL...I guess there's something to be said for Lane Bryant after all. I find their stuff to be very attractive. On the other hand, I'd like to be a size 12 again but then I guess I'd be contending with the funky ribbons and bows?

Dawn said...

Give me an old gunny sack over the ribbons and bows any day.

Annie Ruth said...


shopping for clothing has gotten to be an insane experience, and I am certain it's not because I am, um, over, it's definitely the styles available now.

You can't even FIND a simple shirt, or a plain skirt (I'm not a pants person, other than jeans that is, which i do own and love, but which I cannot wear to work, so I own a lot of skirts.....

...and you'd think I would in fact be a big fan of wearing pants, being the "L-word" and all, but it just shows you, you can't stereotype folks,I guess.....

....anyhooo, TOPIC?

yeah, the clothing in the stores is awful, just awful, these days.

I know what you mean about the embellishments on clothing items.....seriously, what is up with that?
bows, glitter,ruffles....


it's even becoming more difficult to find what I call my "basic outfit components":

white button-down shirts, black skirts, white t-shirts, and black sweaters (nope, I'm not a waitress, I just like to dress simply AKA not fussy!)

oh, and basic jeans, meaning jeans which are NOT hip huggers.

I USED to wear the hip hugger jeans, way back in the day, like in my junior high school days, and I'm sure I looked very cute THEN....but at 40-something???

well, NOBODY wants to see THESE hips hugged, not in public anyway. You'll have to trust me on that.

I am lucky to be tall, because my secret is: men's white shirts (you can always find nice white oxford shirts in the men's department) and men's jeans, but straight legged jeans, not those ridiculous 'boot cut' or even worse, 'loose fit'.

So, anyway, that's my advice for simple, well-made, and relatively inexpensive clothes; if you can wear them: men's jeans, and men's shirts.

hmmmm, wait a minute, wearing men's clothes? well, I guess I kind of *do* fit the L-word stereotype after all!!!

However, a point of clarification:
if you wear pearls with the white shirts and if you wear cute shoes with the jeans, it's not at all a butchy look.

: )