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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What to Expect When You Least Expect It

Before the sun rose this morning, we had this:

It was coming down in sheets. I like this gif as it reminds me of how my father termed this event: Kersey Camping Weather.

After I got to my office, it was doing this outside:

Mad March passes into a wild April. Elements of Mad March remain however. The back and forth weather pattern this morning should have reminded me of how quickly things can change. Events of late March should have taught me something as well.

The Loved One's Saga (starting with the entry on Pain and Embarrassment)has a new chapter. He was supposedly discharged from the facility and living at a Y about ten miles from his former residence. My mother got a call this morning from Loved One informing her that he was back in the facility and NEVER had been at the Y. He was spending his savings staying at a hotel again doing God knows what. We have to go retrieve his car and belongings from the hotel today after work. I have a dinner engagement tonight in Philly so I am not happy about this. I told his mother I would go with her as the logistics require two people to retrieve car and clothes.

Loved One told her that he cried at each visiting hour the week he had been in the facility as no one came to see him. Well, between his mother and myself, we did our share of crying over events that preciptated this crisis including the near debacle at the hospital that horrible Friday in March. I missed Peter and John's anniversary gathering and Peter's birthday because I was too volatile and upset to go. Hell, I was too angry and upset to socialize with anyone.

LO's mother is going to visit him this evening. I am not. She told him on the phone when he called this afternoon that he had a lot of apologizing to do. He supposedly acknowledged this and was going to "write" me a letter. I've learned through error that letter writing is not the way to handle personal problems; you really need to do it face to face. I tend to come across overly harsh in writing letters sorting out emotional upsets and personal issues with someone. I have no idea what to expect from LO.

I am not going to the facility this evening for visiting hours. I am going to prepare for and attend my dinner engagement. Why LO's newest lies about his whereabouts surprised me again, I have no idea.


Cheryl said...

Nancy, live your life...continue on with whatever plans you have made....because LO is living his...the life he is choosing.
My support is with you always...I'm here.


Irishcoda said...

That was some wild weather day yesterday huh?

About why you're still surprised, maybe it's because we really want to believe our loved ones when they tell us stuff.