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Monday, May 22, 2006

May 20th - Will it rain or what?

Woke up this morning not sure if we would see the sun or not. It was bloody cold yet the fishermen were out there in their boats and wading in the cold water clamming. The mood of the sky kept changing. The wind picked up and then died down. Would it rain or not?

After a lazy morning enjoying the view and not doing anything, Mom, Kay and I went to Fenwick Island, the next town over, had dinner and played mini golf on this faux Viking ship. It was fun. Back at the ranch we watched the sun go down over the water. Kay and I went into Dewey Beach, a notorious college kid retreat, and not yet Memorial Day weekend the college students were lined up out the door of most tavern establishments. We did manage to squeeze into one tavern called the Crabber's Cove and received the most watered down libation (beer) I have ever had in my life. I couldn't even drink the thing. I guess they figured the college students were less particular or too drunk to notice the difference. I noticed. Beer things - I notice. I am one who loves to try new microbrews and notices the taste difference between beer brands, even the most mundane ones.

Back at the ranch I sat outside next to the bay and just watched the boats with their spotlights cruising around and stared up at the beautiful star-filled sky. What a wonderful break and I didn't have to pay for it. Good thing as I couldn't. I would have liked to for my mother's birthday but that simply wasn't happening. I tried not to beat myself up over it. I succeeded for the most part . . .

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