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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Light, at last!

Today I received what is being described as a long term freelance assignment in Philadelphia. I start on Monday. It's on the legal end - working with trademarks and that interests me a great deal. The money isn't what I should be making but right now freelance work is such I will take whatever I get. It's a living wage and that eliminates a lot of worry out of my life right there.

I've gotten into the groove of walking and look forward to swimming more. I had hoped to purchase a canoe this summer but that will probably have to wait. I'll resume renting a canoe and will rent a raft to do white-water rafting later this summer. I've been invited to go camping but right now the idea of being in a tent in this heat is not appealing. I prefer it a little cooler.

I hope to have the final draft of this book done by September. I can't wait to see what the literary agent has to say about it after reading the final product. She was hot for the idea when I pitched it to her. I'm trying to focus more on no more than two projects at a time - enough to keep things varied yet not spreading myself too thin which has been a terrible culprit of problems in the past.

I read in the news today that down in Dover this 84 year old woman died about a year or two ago and the daughters put her body in this huge tupperware container. I didn't read enough of the article to get all the ins and outs but evidently they were able to keep the body out of sight and out of smell for all that time. It was an issue of where social security checks were going that stirred up where the heck was this woman at . . . it's a hell of a marketing tool for Tupperware, isn't it? You can even put a human body in this tupperware container, snap the lid and there is NO SMELL FOR YEARS!!!!!

Some product that . . . imagine how it will control odor in your fridge.

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