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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bullshit, Inc.

The latest member is comedian Michael Richards who lost his cool while being heckled during his set. The hecklers were black. Richards cut lose with racial epithets and now, predictably, the day after we get an apology. Ok, but he then goes on to say that he is not a "bigot" and that's what's "so insane" about all this.

Enough already. If you are a bigot at least stand up and say so. Have the balls to stand behind your miscontrued perceptions about members of a race other than your own.

I have had arguments with black people, Asian people, gay people and a host of others whose difference from me was evident. I never once, even in the state of extreme pissiness (and I can get very pissy in a full-tilt boogie rage) did I ever call them a name relating to their race or sexual orientation. Not once. It was easy not to do because the thought never occurred to me.

If you lash out easily with such words on your tongue, you've thought about it plenty.

Michael Richards is full of shit. And he can't even be a man about it.

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