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Friday, November 24, 2006

Carroll O'Connor

For about five years, I enjoyed an email correspondence with actor Carroll O'Connor. I met him on an Irish history group of all places. He set up his own political discussion forum (he was very much to the left politically) around 1996 and today it is still going strong in spite of his passing in 2001. I am one of the moderators. A member of the O'Connor family emailed me to say that Mrs. O'Connor (Nancy, Carroll's widow) took a nasty fall and was pretty much isolated now. She is, I believe, around 80 and obviously when you take a bad fall as she did, you don't recover from it. I asked the O'Connor family if sending cards and letters wishing her well and wishing her a happy birthday on December 13th would be appropriate. The answer came back: YES!

So if you are/were a fan of Carroll O'Connor's, please take a moment and send this lady a note. It can be very lonely when you are sick and not able to get around anymore. Thanks. The information is below. If you want to come on the site and talk politics and other current events, please come visit at

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November 23 2006 at 4:57 PM
NancyK (Premier Login COCForumMod)
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Nancy O'Connor had a bad fall a few months ago and has been doing physical therapy trying to "right" herself as much as possible. The fall has limited her activities. She also has a birthday coming up on December 13th. She would undoubtedly appreciate cards and/or notes wishing her quick recovery and wishing her a happy birthday. I have permission to post this address (it was on the board when Carroll died too) and make this announcement.

You can write to her at

Nancy O'Connor
308-26 Broadbeach Rd.
Malibu CA 92065

It would be good to focus on her recovery and birthday rather than about how wonderful Carroll was. Obviously having sustained a nasty fall and the problems associated with that would make it especially wondered to be remembered by people including Carroll's fans. Any questions, please email me at or the other moderators at

Thank you very much! I hope the fans of Carroll O'Connor will come out and take time to send Mrs. O'Connor a note wishing her well and a happy birthday.


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